A 14-Year-Old Justin Bieber Fan Threatened To Kill His Ex-Girlfriend Caitlin Beadles

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A 14 Year Old Justin Bieber Fan Threatened To Kill His Ex Girlfriend Caitlin Beadles caitlin jpgWe’re used to hearing stories of Justin Bieber‘s fans overreacting; after all, they’re emotionally volatile tweens who get to track their idol’s every move on Twitter. It’s not surprising that Justin’s haircuts or dating choices might stir them into a frenzy. When he was first caught making out with Selena Gomez, the poor girl got death threats! But this one takes the cake: There’s a 14-year-old girl out there making threats to skin Caitlin Beadles, who Justin dated way back when.

And you know how they found this overzealous fan? On Tumblr—back in September, she used the name KILLSGANDCB and posted threats saying that she had cameras trained on Caitlin 24/7 and that Justin’s ex would have no idea of the danger she was in until she “wakes up on the other side of the bed with a knife.”[tagbox tag=”Justin Bieber”]

Eek! As you might have guessed, the girl’s username is another way of hammering home her message: To kill Selena and Caitlin. The LAPD swarmed Tumblr’s offices to track down the girl’s IP address; TMZ found out by obtaining that search warrant. We already told you the shocking detail that this uberfan is only 14, but there’s another twist: It turns out she lives in Kentucky and is developmentally disabled.

It’s even sadder, then, to imagine the bitterness she must feel and how she channeled that into jealousy and rage over a girl who’s not even in Justin’s life anymore. And for poor Caitlin to go through this after everything else: Back in 2010, she was in a boating accident that nearly resulted in amputation and had her pronounced dead before she came back. She doesn’t need this bullshit. Didn’t they break up before he became famous, anyway?