17 TV Shows from the ‘90s That Were Surprisingly Super Feminist

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It's interesting when we re-watch our old favorite shows. Sometimes, we're shocked by how dirty they actually are and realized that our innocent minds missed all the double entendres. Other times, we wonder what we liked about a show in the first place. There are also times when we realize that some of our favorite TV shows have great messages that we never realized. For instance, a lot of TV shows from the 1990s were surprisingly feminist.

At the time, you might not have realized that the badass female characters, exciting plotlines and cool sets had anything to do with feminism. You were probably just enjoying the story. When we look back now, you might realize that it was these female characters who helped you become the strong, confident woman you are today.

Here are 17 TV shows from the 1990s that were surprisingly pretty feminist. If you haven't watched them in a while, grab that remote and start binging.