A Definitive Ranking of ’90s TV Siblings

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As children of the '90s we grew up watching Stephanie Tanner fighting and then always reconciling with her sisters, DJ and Michelle. Seriously, there was nothing so horrible in their household that it couldn't be resolved in 30 minutes. And in honor of their great relationship with each other, we're ranking all the '90s TV siblings. So bust out your scrunchies, pull on your overalls and join us as we run through our fave families.

10. The Walsh siblings, Beverly Hills, 90210



These two are on the bottom of the list for obvious reasons: Brenda was the classic drama queen, while Brandon was trying to be everyone’s hero. Neither of them were necessarily bad people, but no one watching was that excited about them — and they were supposed to be the main characters! Everyone remembers them more as the people Dylan and Kelly dated before they found each other. Isn’t that more depressing? Best of the worst: when Brenda and Kelly wore the same horrible black dresses with big white bows to prom.