Apparently The Cast Of 90210 Found Out The Show Was Canceled On Twitter

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90210 cast

Let me paint a picture for you. You're the producer of a popular television show that's been running for five seasons. You decide to cancel said show, tell all the other producers about your decision, and then sit down in your sleek leather lazy-boy beside your Olympic-sized swimming pool (because when you're very rich, you can afford to replaced your leather furniture when it gets rained on) and wonder to yourself, “What am I forgetting?”, decide it's probably nothing, and then post the information on Twitter. And everything is fine! Unless, however, the show you produce is 90210, in which case the thing you forgot to do was INFORM THE GODDAMN CAST. Whoopsies! You know, just one of those tiny things we'd like to avoid — the cast of a show finding out about its cancellation from a social media outlet…at the same time the rest of the world finds out. That is a great feeling. In star AnnaLynne McCord‘s words:

“It was a shocker. We found out via Twitter — that wasn’t cool at all.”

Yeah no, it's not super cool. In fact, it's decidedly uncool. On a coolness level, that's approaching the same uncoolness as finding out about your divorce via Facebook. But luckily, AnnaLynne herself is pretty cool, so she's taking the news surprisingly well, saying, “We’ve had a great time. All things have to end and new things begin.” Yeah, that thing where your producers keep you out of the loop has to end, so new projects where they actually keep you informed about your job can begin.

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