8 People Who Are Busier Than James Franco

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8 People Who Are Busier Than James Franco JamesFrancoBetsyFranco 610x445 jpg

James Franco is not only an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a squinty-eyed dreamboat grad student/performance artist/faux public intellectual. He is also the busiest person alive, according to this spot-on New York magazine profile. When Franco’s not acting in General Hospital, he’s curating a museum exhibit about acting in General Hospital. He is enrolled in three graduate school programs. He never sleeps. He is addicted to Starbucks.

Take heed, Franco. There are 8 other people busier than you, at this very moment:

1. Barack Obama.

2. Ryan Seacrest.

3. Single mothers.

4. Reporters scouring through the 100,000-plus Wikileaks documents.

5. Chelsea Clinton’s wedding planner.

6. The next BP boss.

7. Justin Bieber’s stylist.

8. People who work four jobs at minimum wage.

There you go! We hope this puts things in perspective. It’s tough to be Seacrest.