8 New Year’s Resolutions Inspired By Amy Poehler’s Ask Amy Web Series

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Amy Poehler

I don’t know if you've been stalking Amy Poehler as much as I have lately, but I am IN LOVE with her web series called Smart Girls Ask Amy. In case you aren't familiar, the show is an advice segment from her Smart Girls at the Party series where Amy takes a big sister approach to give advice to teen girls.

But let’s be honest, even in our 20’s we still don’t have our shit together. So, as we approach the New Year, let’s ditch the usual “lose 20 pounds by my birthday” or “Find my soul mate” resolutions and use Amy’s amazing advice to make some realistic changes in 2013.

Resolution 1: Wear Less Makeup

Even as adults our self esteem can get pretty low. I’m sure you aren’t piling on the glitter eye shadow and blue lipstick ala Ke$ha, but once it’s gotten to the point where you can’t be seen without foundation and eyeliner then you need to reevaluate the way you see yourself. Even if it’s just once a week, go somewhere with a naked face and you’ll start to feel more comfortable in your natural state.



Resolution 2: Manage Your Stress Better

Likely you have an endless loop of worries going through your brain like a bad Taylor Swift song that you just can’t stop singing (despite hoping to never ever ever have to hear it again, like ever). When you take each issue individually rather than see the long list of things you have to do, it suddenly seems manageable. Do what you can today and check everything off one at a time.


Resolution 3: Get Rid of Negative People in Your Life

There is absolutely no reason to keep in contact with frenemies or anyone else who brings you down. Unless you think they might one day be famous,  in which case keep in contact. Those passive aggressive, snarky little comments that your best friend from high school makes are BS and a sign that you've outgrown the friendship. Get rid of her!



Resolution 4: Love What You Have in Body and Life


It’s okay to strive for more, but the body shaming and ungratefulness have got to stop! Even Beyonce, the most beautiful woman in the world, has struggled with body issues, but she learned to focus on her assets. I don’t have a flat stomach but I always get complimented on my legs.  My car is a piece of crap, but hey, at least I have one that gets me to work. It’s that easy!

bodyissues1 bodyissues2


Resolution 5: Stop Searching for Love

Every single time I log onto Facebook there is a new engagement, marriage or baby announcement. I’m happy for them for like a millisecond before it starts feeling like they’re trying to force me to reevaluate my love life. There’s so much pressure in your mid to late 20’s to find love and start settling down that a lot of us try to make relationships that we shouldn't be in work. Stop forcing it! Yeah, celeb baby pictures sometimes make me want to pop one out, but then I remember I’m single and how much I still want to do with my life and pop a birth control pill instead (and chase it with a shot to be safe). It just isn't time. There’s someone out there for you and it will happen when it’s supposed to happen!

loveamy1 loveamy2 loveamy3 loveamy4


Resolution 6: Embrace Your Quirks

I’m told I’m weird all the time. But you know what? I love it. I love that I have different interests than everyone else. Embracing my true self has made me go from being “that shy awkward girl” to “that confident weird girl.”  Magically, displaying your little quirks makes you appear totally cool, funny and in control. As long as it doesn't exceed Lady Gaga’s level of weird you’re fine.

weirdamy1 weirdamy2


Resolution 7: Make a Decision

Should I change my major? Do I want to go out with him? Do I really need to buy the new iPhone even though it’s exactly the same as the last? Should I watch Parks and Recreation tonight or something else? (BTW the answer is always Parks and Recreation). It seems like every decision holds so much weight. But at the end of the day, no matter which choices you make in life, they’re better than Lindsay Lohan’s decisions. Take comfort in that.


Resolution 8: Let It Go

Your 20’s are a decade of letdowns and unmet expectations. My dream was to be a cryptozooloigist exploring the world while tracking down La Chupacabra and capturing dragons. Sadly, it didn't happen, so I had to let it go. I’m 24 and had to realize that my dream of being Dora the Explorer would never come true. Whatever you’re holding on to, whether its insecurities, bad relationships, or failed goals sometimes you just have to know when to let it go. It’s okay to have goals, just make sure they’re realistic.

letgoamy letgoamy2


If you’re anything like me, you've grown up and realized that your not completely ready to be a grown up. Everyone has room for improvement, but I can tell by the fact that you’re a Crushable reader you've got a lot going for you. Who better to get advice from than Amy Poehler, right? I pinkie swear that Ask Amy will help you avoid that quarter life crisis everyone keeps talking about. Our twenties don’t have to be such a letdown, we've got our 30’s for that.

Let me know what your resolutions are below and Have a great 2013!



(Lead Image: Felipe Ramales, PacificCoastNews.com)