The 7th Heaven Cast: Where Are They Now?

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7th Heaven cast where are they now?

In news that makes us feel hella old, Beverly Mitchell is pregnant! That's right, little Lucy Camden is with child, and thankfully it's not out of wedlock. Of course, the girl we grew up with as second daughter Lucy is 31 now, and has been off the air for five years, almost half of the show's run. It got us thinking—what are the rest of the 7th Heaven cast up to?

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7th Heaven cast where are they now Barry Watson Matt Camden

Barry Watson (Matt Camden): Despite looking kind of shady, the oldest Camden kid seems to be doing OK for himself. Let's not forget that Barry was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma during the show's run and had to take some time off for treatment. Barry seems to be about neutral in terms of career successes and appearances in the press: He and his girlfriend welcomed a daughter earlier this year… but we learned about his split from his second wife through an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. And while we're excited to see him being all soapy on Gossip Girl… we can't forget when he played the horribly daft time traveler in the awful ABC Family movie My Future Boyfriend.

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7th Heaven cast where are they now Jessica Biel Mary Camden

Jessica Biel (Mary Camden): Perhaps the most high-profile of the bunch, Jessica still hasn't quite made it as a romantic lead. Despite trying to be approachable in movies like Valentine's Day, she comes across as more neurotic; and no one took her that seriously in the Total Recall remake. I think it's because we all remember her as the super-rebellious Mary. I think she's doomed to forever garner an ambivalent reaction from audiences. On the one hand, she married Justin Timberlake and we all kinda resent her for that. But then she addressed the joke about her naming her kid “Batmo,” and we liked her a little more.

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7th Heaven cast where are they now Beverly Mitchell Lucy Camden

Beverly Mitchell (Lucy Camden): Aside from expecting, Beverly has had a career resurgence: Since last season, she's appeared on Secret Life of the American Teenager as guidance counselor Kaitlin O'Malley. (7th Heaven creator Brenda Hampton is also responsible for Secret Life.) Beverly was also one of the celebrities invited to Jessica and Justin's wedding. “Going to any wedding pregnant is definitely an experience if you’ve never done it before,” she told People. “I’m just absolutely thrilled to see my best friend marry her best friend.”

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7th Heaven cast where are they now David Gallagher Simon Camden

David Gallagher (Simon Camden): Ironically, after 7th Heaven ended, David played the kinds of roles that a young actor just starting out would do: He popped up on CSI: Miami, Numb3rs, Bones, and Without A Trace as various Suspects of the Week. However, he seems to be narrowing his choices within the horror/supernatural genre to more sophisticated fare: After appearing in J.J. Abrams‘ Super 8, he popped onto The Vampire Diaries, and his latest project is Scared of the Dark, from the director of the Japanese film that inspired The Grudge.

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7th Heaven cast where are they now Mackenzie Rosman Ruthie Camden racy photos twitpics

Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie Camden): The most recent photo of mouthy little Ruthie that I could find is from 2009, which is also around the time that some racy photos of Mackenzie surfaced online. Like this one of her sticking her tongue down another girl's throat:

Mackenzie Rosman twitpics kissing girl tongue bikini underwear

There are also some photos of Mackenzie in her underwear and a bathing suit floating around online, but it's clear that she was experimenting like any normal 19-year-old. That was 2008, but now Mackenzie seems to be on a better track. She too guest-starred on Secret Life — there's a cute Easter egg with her Beverly running into each other in the school hallway — and she has a few movies lined up. Mackenzie is also on Twitter and has been retweeting all of the recent messages she's been getting. Apparently everyone remembers Ruthie fondly, whereas I thought she was one of the most annoying characters.

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7th Heaven cast where are they now Lorenzo Nikolas Brino Camden twins

Lorenzo and Nikolas Brino (Sam and David Camden): Of course, the title of most annoying goes to the boys who played the Camden twins. Talk about bad acting! But I did learn something interesting in my research: Turns out that the Brinos are actually non-identical quadruplets, and they've all played Sam and David! But after 2001, only Lorenzo and Nikolas did. According to Wikipedia, their mother is reluctant to cast them on other TV shows but has said that if her boys (now 13) continue to have fun, then she'll let them keep acting. But I couldn't seem to find any photos of them anywhere.

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