7 Actresses (And 3 Non-Actresses) Who Could Play Lady Gaga In Lifetime’s Biopic Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story

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Yes, that's the actual title. Even though she would probably never be caught dead watching Lifetime, Lady Gaga is nevertheless the latest star that the women's network has decided to highlight in an undoubtedly dramatic biopic. As you might've guessed, the singer/superstar has nothing to do with the process; the story will be adapted from the unauthorized biography Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga.

So, here's the vital question: Who will they cast to play Stefani Germanotta/Gaga? We've made some educated guesses—mostly actresses, but with a few celebrities thrown into the mix for reasons you'll quickly understand. Of course, because it's Lifetime you're unlikely to see any of these stars sinking that low. But then you'll be seeing some unknown anyway, so for the time being enjoy our fantasy-world predictions!