The Spy Who Fired Me….???

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spy-logoI don't know about y'all… but I think that Jeff Lewis had every right to install that nanny “spy cam” in his house.

Although, I know that Jenni will be very upset to find out that her husband, “original Chris” isn't as loyal to Jeff as she's been preaching. I mean, how would YOU feel to find out that 1) your husband is not working at his job like he should be and 2) you've been constantly defending your husband to your boss, only to find out that you were oh-so-wrong??

I am really waiting to find out what happens next on Flipping Out. I know Jeff doesn't want to hurt Jenni with the content of his spy cam recordings, but …uh…. what else will happen at “Chez Louis”?? Is there someone getting fired? I know I'll be tuned in tomorrow @ 10/9 Central!

Photo courtesy V.Lutz 2008