Forget Andrew Garfield — The Most Hilariously Awkward Spider-Man Is The ’60s Spider-Man’ Meme

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Happy Fourth of July from one of your most patriotic superheroes! I know your first thought is of The Avengers‘ Captain America, but there's another popular crimefighter who has a movie out this week and is red, white, and blue—Spider-Man! At least, the '60s Spider-Man internet meme is the same colors as our flag: Old screenshots of the 1967 animated series Spider-Man matched up with white text to make hilarious image macros.

Sometime after 2009, 4chan users realized that random screenshots from this show were absolutely hilarious out of context: Spidey in awkward positions, or looking confused while chasing after the bad guys. What came out of that are jokes like in the gallery below, mostly on some variation of “fuck you, I'm Spider-Man.” With Andrew Garfield putting on the iconic suit in The Amazing Spider-Man this week, we wanted to share with you a more lighthearted take on the franchise.