6 Ways To Make Watching Ricky Gervais Host The Golden Globes Less Uncomfortable

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In American we don't have royalty. Instead we have celebrities who think they're royalty. And the royals of this country do not liked to be fucked with or made fun of–that shit doesn't fly with them. So when the 2011 Golden Globes let comedian Ricky Gervais pour his fiery insults on the egos of the Hollywood elite it seemed obvious that he'd, as they say, “never work in this town again.” Much to the disappointment of actors everywhere, especially third rate ones like Tim Allen, Gervais has been allowed to come back for more.


Someone needs to kick the pedestal out from those self-righteous Hollywood folks and as we learned last year, Gervais is the perfect man for the job. However, even his biggest fans have to admit that there were definitely some uncomfortable moments during the awards. Not because of Ricky, but because Hollywood does not like to be mocked. They're all serious actors who should be respected and bowed down to and if you do not do so, then you're a bad person. You're a person who doesn't understand their craft or how difficult it is to be them. It's really trying being a celebrity, OK? So the last thing these people need is some witty Brit taking a stab at them with every breath he takes.

Since he has been invited to come back after last year's show that left a lot of us squirming, yet begging for more, it's safe to assume Gervais is going to take things to a whole new level. In preparation for such events, we have compiled a few ways to deal with any of those moments where things get a bit tense. Sure you could just not watch, but like a car crash that could possibly scar you, you just can't help but be compelled to stare in delighted horror.

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