5SOS’s Calum Hood Admits To Penis Photo, Crosses That Off His Pop Star To-Do List

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5SOS s Calum Hood Admits To Penis Photo  Crosses That Off His Pop Star To Do List Calum Hood 5 Seconds of Summer perform in Philadelphia August 2014 jpg

Everybody knows you’re nobody in the entertainment world until a photo of the most private areas of your body appears on the Internet. Bonus points if that photo was leaked (or “leaked”) without your permission! Bonus bonus points if you’re like, “Yep, that’s totally my [insert body part].” So by that criteria, Calum Hood of the band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) has a lot of points racked up. He confessed last night that a leaked image of an exposed penis that was attributed to him is indeed his.

18-year-old Calum, who plays bass in the Australian band whose name Kendall Jenner couldn’t read at the Billboard Music Awards, is seen in the photo lifting up his shirt and pulling down his pants and… showing off what was hiding under there. There’s a censored version here. It’s actually from a Snapchat video that the recipient posted online. But here’s the thing — the person in the video isn’t showing his face. While it was alleged that the penis belonged to Calum, we couldn’t know for sure. But Calum apparently really wants us to know it’s him. Either that or he’s just very against lying. Here’s what he tweeted last night:

Props on the honesty, Calum. But you do know that the whole point of not putting your face in the shot is to make sure people don’t know it’s you, right? And that saying you’re still a teenager and adding a smiley emoticon doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, right? Because I’m a little bit worried that you’re going to take cues from Justin Bieber and make premeditated mistakes. As in, “I know this is a mistake, but I’ll do it anyway and use my age as an excuse.”

You know what, I’ll just stop talking, because Calum clearly has the pop star method down pat, and I obviously shouldn’t get in his way. I’ve written about 5SOS one more time than I thought I would today, and I now know what Calum Hood’s face looks like. And in theory I could also know what his penis looks like, but I’m a classy lady and have chosen not to look. You should all be giving me a slow clap right now, by the way.

(Photo: Hugh Dillon/WENN.com)