5SOS Gets Called Out For Their Racism, Which Means They’ve Finally Made It To The Big Time

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5 Seconds of Summer DancingYou guys, the time has come where 5 Seconds Of Summer, otherwise known simply as 5SOS, has been accused of being racist little shits. This is good news, because this means that they've finally hit it big! They've found their California gold! Whichever other idioms you'd like to insert here to mean that people are finally caring about them will work, too! Before this, most people and Kendall Jenner just knew them as “Oh, That Isn't One Direction?” Some ultra-informed people also knew that they're the singers of this summer's guiltiest of guilty pleasure songs, “She Looks So Perfect“. But now, the world can collectively refer to them as the boys who wore racist Mexican costumes to their racist Mexican-themed fan signing.

The boys —it hurts my heart to transfer this nickname from the boys of 1D to a group of actually currently relevant boys— performed at The Forum in LA this past weekend, where they also held a meet-and-greet with fans (Seconders? Summer Vacationers? 5SOSonators???). And things took a sharp turn for the racist really quickly.

5SOS Luke Hemmings Mexican Signing Tweet

Ashton Irwin 5SOS Mexican Signing Tweet

I didn't even have to scour the internet for grainy photos of this event taken secretly, because they are very proud of their offensive costumes and one of the members posted this himself. And I know that Katy Perry is super pissed that overt racism is, like, still upsetting people. But it totally is!

5SOS Fan Tweet

So, now, we can add Official Celebrities 5SOS to the roster of people who don't care (or possibly don't know) that they are offending millions of people with their stupid costumes. As Lukey here would say, it's a good day.

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