These Awesome Game of Thrones Impressions Will Help You Through Your Withdrawal

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Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 10.46.50 AMTo say I love Game of Thrones would be an understatement. I practically live for the ten weeks out of the year when the super hot and unrecognizable cast graces my TV screen. So one week after the greatest Father's Day present ever, you can understand why I'm still in mourning and not-so-patiently counting the days until season five like a wife waiting for her husband to return from sea. (I even gave in and started reading the books, that's how far my desperation has taken me)

Luckily for me, I'm a millennial girl living in a millennial world and the Internet exists and it's full of Game of Thrones mashups, OKCupid profiles, and drinking games to get me through winter (and summer and fall). And though the Internet hasn't always been my friend (I've accidentally stumbled upon a spoiler or two) it is full of amazingly talented people who continue to amaze me with their creative ability.

Enter Steve Love. The newest addition to awesome Game of Thrones fan videos and the newest addition to my list of dream makeouts (move over, Stephen Colbert). Anywho… Steve took his fandom to the next level with the most spot on GOT impressions this side of the Narrow Sea.

His repertoire includes more than just a squinty Jon Snow or a perpetually friend-zoned Jorah Mormount; he perfectly captures the characters I've forgotten about (Salladhor Saan anyone?? Yeah, that's what I thought) and manages to throw in a perfectly timed Princess Bride reference that would make Mandy Patikin proud.

Personally, I hope he makes another video soon. I wonder if he has what it takes to tackle the terrifyingly disturbing-ness that is Lysa Tully, fully equipped with a breastfeeding American Girl Doll Robyn look-a-like. (Just cut off Molly's hair, it'll do just fine.)