Ryan Gosling Possibly, Maybe, Definitely, Cast As Christian Grey In Fifty Shades Of Grey

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Another day, another completely unsubstantiated Fifty Shades of Grey casting rumor to spread about the interweb.

Despite the fact the producers told us that Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele wouldn't be cast until they hired someone to write  and direct the actual movie, EL James‘ husband, Niall Leonard, told Now Daily that last he heard Ryan Gosling “was in the frame” to play the character.

Naturally everyone read this and assumed that Ryan Gosling got offered the role of Christian Grey and accepted the role of Christian Grey and would be spending the fall getting into character of Christian Grey by having BDSM sex with as many women as possible. In fact, millions of women already volunteered to assist him in this capacity.

While this would explain why Gosling got spotted on the NYC subway yesterday openly showing off his new nipple clamps and whips, it doesn't explain why we're all so obsessed with seeing the clean-cut Gosling play this role.

Every few weeks, this “Ryan Gosling would be the perfect Christian Grey” conversation pops up and I get so confused. Ryan Gosling's the man you bring home to your parents. He's the man who delivers babies in emergency situations because, of course, he took a baby delivery course in college. He's the guy who wins your grandmother over at Thanksgiving dinner while simultaneously explaining to her why her jokes are racist.

I don't think he's the one who teaches you the meaning of submission through rough sex. That's not the Ryan Gosling in my head.

But if that is the one in your head, congrats. There's a 34% chance this rumor's true. Now we just need Niall Leonard to let us know if it's true that ALL the moms from Dance Moms will take turn playing Anastasia Steele.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)