Ellen DeGeneres Reads 50 Shades Of Grey Aloud, As Amazing As It Sounds

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Even if you haven't read the pornographic novel 50 Shades of Grey, you've likely heard what it's about (sex) and why it's so controversial (rough sex). It's the first S&M book being recommended by book clubs across the country and it's the first time huge groups of women are openly talking about that kind of sex at work, at home and with their friends. It's hitting the point in the pop culture market that we can reference Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey like they're real people.

So that's why you can probably guess why it's so funny that Ellen DeGeneres read it aloud on her show today. Of course it's daytime television, so she censored as she read. And that naturally that only made it more funny.

Her biggest advice after reading it? Don't use the spatula when you cook at Anastasia Steele's house.