50 Hot Gossip Girl Fashion Moments

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I was Skype-ing with a friend about Gossip Girl. She didn't get the appeal. It is, I told her, decadent. And fun.

And yes, while I stay for the yummy story lines, I watch for the fashion. Don't you?

Of course, there's more to fashion than just slapping a couple of cool pieces together. Here's a list of 50 hot Gossip Girl fashion moments (on and off screen) from this season's Gossip Girl:

1, Gossip Girl owes its sense of style to costume designer Eric Daman, a former assistant costume designer and stylist on the iconic Sex and the City.

2, Eric Daman favors young designers for the show like Stella McCartney, also a favorite of Lindsay Lohan.

3, Lindsay Lohan was originally slated to star as Blair Waldorf in a Gossip Girl movie before the project was shelved in favor of a Gossip Girl television series on the CW. Like Lindsay, the actress who ended up playing Blair (Leighton Meester) was not a natural brunette.

4, Early on in the series, Blair's character was to be a model for her mother's clothing line. Eleanor Waldorf's fashion line is actually the real life existing design work of Abigail Lorick.

5, The jacket that Blair tricked Jenny into stealing from Eleanor's store in the “Dare Devil” episode was actually designed by Abigail Lorick specifically for that shot.

6, Also in the “Dare Devil” episode, Jenny wore a Milly Peter Pan coat which retailed for $590. I received so many requests about the coat that I wrote a post advising how you can alter an existing coat into the same style.

7, The “Get Your Craft On: Make Jenny Humphrey's Coat” post grew out of a comment left at a prior post advising how to make Chuck Bass' scarf.

8, The Chuck Bass scarf was actually made from old ties and sold at J. Press in New York City. It sold out after the show, much like Serena's gray knee length Chinese Laundry boots which she wore in the “Poison Ivy” episode.

9, Also sold out were Blair's Max Studio Zulli Boots from “The Handmaiden's Tale” episode.

10, In “The Handmaiden's Tale”, we are introduced to Vanessa, who thus far has been voted one of the least fashionable Gossip Girl characters.

11, One accessory that Vanessa wore that did receive a lot of attention were the CC Skye Hoop earrings that are also a favorite of Hilary Duff.

12, Another favorite jewelry piece on the show was Blair's heart pendant from Tiffany's.

13, It was fitting that the pendant was from Tiffany's since Blair considers Audrey Hepburn her style icon.

14, Blair's real life alter ego, Leighton Meester, doesn't have just one favorite style claiming that she likes to mix it up. She cites Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, Nanette Lepore, Diane von Furstenberg, and Julie Haas as some of her favorites.

15, Zac Posen is also a favorite of the character, Serena (not actress Blake Lively), according to the CW.

16, “What is Serena wearing?” is the most asked question on Gossip Girl Report.

17, The most popular request related to Serena's wardrobe was where to find the gold sequined dress in the pilot; it's Tory Burch and retails for $750 (it's also out of stock).

18, In the pilot, the wardrobe for Serena was based on a “Kate Moss type.”

19, Kate Moss isn't the only model making an influence on Gossip Girl – America's Next Top Model winner Caridee also made an appearance.

20, In the episode in which Caridee made an appearance, “The Handmaiden's Tale”, Serena sported an amazing Valentino dress from the spring 2007 collection.

21, Blake Lively apparently enjoyed her Valentino dress – she made an appearance at the Valentino show for Fashion Week.

22, Chace Crawford also showed at Fashion Week this year – for Prada.

23, Prada's collection for fall is big on black lace, also a signature look for Blair.

24, Blair also wears a lot of headbands – one of the most popular was the red bowed hairband in the “Victor/Victrola” episode.

25, Blair's Balenciaga blazer featured in “Victor/Victrola” was knocked off several times this season (lucky us).

26, Also available in knock-off versions – Blair's signature pearls.

27, For those that couldn't get enough Gossip Girl fashion at affordable prices, fashiontribes.com broke several looks down for viewers.

28, Taylor Momsen chooses to go straight for the high end fashion, attending the Erin Fetherstone show (among others) at Fashion Week this year.

29, Taylor was also photographed last year wearing the “IT” dress of the year, designed by Paula Hian.

30, The same “IT” dress was also spotted on Carrie Underwood.

31, The “IT” dress was not nearly as popular as Blair's Faviana dress featured in Blair's birthday episode.

32, When Leighton Meester threw a real life bash in Vegas, she chose a Catherine Malandrino dress.

33, Cast mate and model Nicole Fiscella attended Leighton's bash in Vegas, too.

34, Nicole Fiscella was on the cover of Lucky – like Blake Lively.

35, Blake Lively also recently graced the cover of Teen Vogue.

36, Blake also appeared on the cover of Cosmo Girl, which helped her get noticed by AskMen.com.

37, Coming in just ahead of Blake on the AskMen.com list was fashionable Kristen Bell.

38, Kristen Bell isn't always so fashionable – she had a fashion miss at the Gameplan premiere.

39, Also a miss in public – Jessica Szohr at the Reebok Freestyle Tour.

40, Jessica was more of a hit at the Gossip Girl premiere party.

41, Jessica was photographed at the premiere with cast mate Nan Zhang, who plays Katy Farkas.

42, Katy Farkas was spotted in the Poison Ivy episode with a cute Paul Frank purse.

43, Serena was seen in the “Poison Ivy” episode with a hot new trend – the iphone.

44, Taylor Momsen prefers to carry a Blackberry at fashion events.

45, Taylor also made fashion news when she attended her high school homecoming in a dress that some thought was a bit too short.

46, Speaking of short, Blair's pajamas from Victoria's Secret were a hot item in “Roman Holiday”.

47, Victoria's Secret was plugged a lot in “Roman Holiday” – which worked out well for Blake Lively who was named sexiest newcomer by the company.

48, Victoria's Secret isn't the only company wooing Blake Lively – she attended the Old Navy bash in January with cast mate Kristen Bell.

49, Old Navy's sister store, Gap, also pulled out the stops for the Gossip Girl cast over the holidays – with funky fashion shoots.

50, No wonder that the cast nabbed best dressed honors for the year!

What made your list?