50 Cent’s First Pitch At Last Night’s Mets Game Is So Terrible It’s Mesmerizing

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50 Cent first pitch Mets Game May 2014

In the mood to feel really great about your ability to throw a baseball? Lucky for you, 50 Cent can totally help you with that. Last night he threw out the first pitch at a Mets-Pirates game at Citi Field. And it. Was. Terrible. Like, absolutely awful. The only way it could have been worse is if he'd somehow thrown it behind him instead of ahead of him.

Last I heard, 50 Cent has eyes. That can see. So presumably he knew that he was supposed to aim the ball at the catcher and not at the photographers standing off to the side. It's an interesting approach to throwing, because it starts off looking like it's totally going in the right direction, but then when the ball leaves his hand it's like “Psych! Bet you thought I was gonna go towards the catcher! I hate that guy, I'm going over here!” Go ahead and watch it in video form below, thanks to 50 Cent's own Instagram. I'll warn you now that you're going to watch it multiple times. And be totally mesmerized by it.

Obviously we now have to ask whether this is the most embarrassing celebrity first pitch in the history of embarrassing celebrity first pitches. Carly Rae Jepsen gave a pretty compelling performance at a Rays-Astros game last summer. She went the “make it look like I'm about to throw the ball really hard but just end up dropping it a foot in front of me, letting it roll away for the catcher to chase” route, which is pretty bad. She might take the cake. But that doesn't mean I'm any less entertained by this one.

If you thought the Internet's teasing went unnoticed by 50 Cent, you'd be wrong. Like I mentioned, he shared the video himself, with the caption, “The sh!t almost hit the camera man damn, if you look close you can see them moving the plate. Lol.” Lol indeed. He also tweeted the following:

Well at least he's able to laugh about it through Internet acronyms.