5 Suggestions for Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood Instead Of Prison

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has decided she liked it on the “inside” and returned to jail. Realizing that her drug addiction is out of control and her life is in shambles, she made the choice to “serve out her five-year jail term rather than comply with the terms of her court-ordered drug program,” according to E! News.

While you have to commend the 22-year-old for accepting the fact that she has a problem, one would think a drug program might be far more cushy than five years in jail. According to Portwood's brother, Shawn, “the system failed her,” and “she does not deserve to be [in jail] or anything that has happened to her,” adding: “She is there because of who she is.”

And who is she exactly? An irresponsible girl who got herself knocked up when she was a teenager and now after multiple run-ins with the law is in jail? A young woman whose last drug test came back positive for Suboxone, a drug that is on par with Morphine? Who failed who in this scenario? I don't think the “system” put those drugs in her hands. It's always easier to pass the buck than take responsibility for your own fuck-ups in life, isn't it?

Portwood's friends and family can say all they want and blame whomever they choose, but in the end she only has herself to blame. So while she sits in jail, probably in an orange jumpsuit, here are five other options that may or may not have helped. Frankly, this girl can only help herself and she's proven time and time again that's not exactly her forte.