5 Facts About 5 Seconds Of Summer, The Band Whose Name Kendall Jenner Couldn’t Read

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Last night at the Billboard Music Awards, in a moment that undoubtedly had John Travolta saying, “See? I wasn’t as bad as her! At least I tried!”, Kendall Jenner forgot how to read while introducing the band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS). She almost called them One Direction, then just gave up entirely. You might now be wondering what 5 Seconds of Summer is, besides the time it took you to forget everything you learned in 9th grade biology. So here are 5 facts about 5 Seconds of Summer. Say 5 again. 5.

1. They’re Australian.

They formed as schoolmates in Sydney in 2011, and these are their names: Luke Hemmings (17), Michael Clifford (18), Calum Hood (18) and Ashton Irwin (19).

2. One Direction helped them get famous.

After posting song covers on YouTube, the band saw their EP reach number 3 on Australian iTunes. Both Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan expressed their support on Twitter, which obviously got the band plenty of attention. They eventually joined 1D’s Take Me Home Tour last year. They’ll also join them for their Where We Are tour this year, which is worrying news for ovaries the world over.

3. They play instruments.

They’re not your typical “stand on a stage being cute and doing silly dance moves” boy band. Luke and Michael play guitar, Calum plays bass, and Ashton plays drums.

4. Their album comes out this summer.

It’s set to be released June 27 and is self-titled. It’ll feature the single “She Looks So Perfect,” which they performed last night after an, ahem, awkward introduction.

It’ll also feature the single “Don’t Stop,” the music video for which they just released.

5. Some of their fans are really mad at Kendall Jenner right now.

If you’re over the age of 20, you might not have even known this was a band, let alone one with fans. But the members actually have millions of Twitter followers, and needless to say they were not pleased with Kendall’s flub. Here’s what one of them had to say:

And now you know more about One Di… I mean… Ugh I’m the worst reader… Where are my contacts? Umm… 5 Seconds of Summer? Is that right? Aw man, I should have learned to read.

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