5 Reasons Why Brandi Glanville Is a Great Addition to ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

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Although there have been rumors about a new Housewife joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, it's finally a done deal. The new addition will be Brandi Glanville, best known as the wife who got dumped by Eddie Cibrian when he hooked up with LeAnn Rimes. I think Brandi is a great addition to the show, and here's why.

1. Her BFF is Cedric.

Cedric was Lisa Vanderpump‘s live-in friend last season, but the two had a big falling-out and no longer speak. In a strange twist, it turns out that Cedric is besties with Brandi. That guarantees a dramatic storyline – and a chance to watch Lisa annihilate Brandi.

2. She'll give Camille a run for her money.

Last season, hated housewife Camille Grammer tried to play the victim card by telling the world how badly she'd been wronged by estranged husband Kelsey Grammer. Depending which way this goes, she and Brandi could either bond over their shared experiences or realize they have too much in common and battle each other for more screen time. Either way, I'm watching.

3. She used to be a makeup artist.

When Brandi and Eddie first got together, she was working as a makeup artist. Considering Camille is only friends with people who are her employees, maybe Brandi could become Camille's new makeup artist and get rid of that horrible DeeDee? At the very least, she could try to give Kyle Richards some tips about toning down her eye makeup.

4. She is single and ready to mingle.

Last season, everyone on the show except Kim Richards was married. Now that Brandi is joining the show, maybe Kim will have someone to hang out and go on double dates with. And if Camille decides to join in, that could create an interesting dynamic, pitting the singletons (Brandi, Kim, Camille) against the marrieds (Kyle, Lisa, Adrienne, Taylor). It's better than everyone ganging up on Kim again.

5. She has already shown her skill for creating drama.

Brandi refused to take her divorce in stride – she and LeAnn constantly battled on Twitter and in the tabloids. If anything, being cheated on has made her more famous than anything else in her career. She definitely knows what to say to get press for herself, and she clearly loves the spotlight. In other words, she's a perfect Housewife.