5 Facts From Markai Durham’s ‘No Easy Decision’ Abortion Special

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Last night, MTV ran a show called No Easy Decision, which documented the decision of one 16 And Pregnant star who decided to get an abortion. Markai Durham, one of the stays of MTV's third season of 16 And Pregnant, got pregnant again, shortly after giving birth to her daughter Zakaria. She decided to get an abortion, and MTV's cameras were there to capture it.

This is the first time that the MTV show has followed a girl who got an abortion, and it's sure to be controversial. What are the details that went into what happened here?

1. Markai didn't understand how her birth control worked

Markai missed an appointment for her birth control shot and she and her boyfriend James didn't use condoms. She didn't realize how quickly the contraceptive would go out of her system, and she got pregnant again.

2. Markai would rather get an abortion than give her child up for adoption.

After becoming teen parents, Markai and James decided they couldn't handle another child. During 16 And Pregnant, it didn't look like Markai considered abortion at all:

“I knew abortion was out there. I just never thought it would be an option for me.”

But with one child already, she decided she couldn't handle raising another. As she said:

“I don't want her to struggle because of my mistake.”

Markai and James decided they couldn't afford another child:

“Not only set ourselves up to fail. But set our kids up to fail…Let's just be real. We can't take care of another baby.”

And for Markai, abortion was more feasible than adoption:

“Adoption's not an option for me…I'm in love with this baby already. And this baby's doing nothing but making me sick.”

3. James thought of the baby as a “thing.” Which Markai couldn't do.

When Markai went to get the abortion, a woman at the clinic advised her:

“Don't think of it as ten fingers and ten toes with a forehead and all that stuff. Because if you think of it like that, you're going to be depressed. Think of it as what it is – a little ball of cells.”

Apparently, thinking of the pregnancy as a child makes it harder to get over the decision to abort. But Markai's reaction shows that that is not so easy. As when James tried to agree, saying:

“I told you that from the get go…I never called that thing a baby. Because I told you not to even think of it as a baby.”

Markai immediately got upset:

“Call that thing a baby. Alright, exactly what it is. A thing.”

Markai just could not see it as a medical procedure, pointing to her daughter, she told James:

“A thing can turn out like that….nothing but a bunch of cells can turn out to be her.”

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