5 Facts About Emeli Sande, The Girl Who Broke The Beatles’ Chart Record

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Emeli Sande Elton John Oscar Party February 24, 2013

Move over John, Paul, George and Ringo. One of your world records has just been shattered by Scottish Songbird, Emeli Sande. Sande's premiere album “Our Version of Events” has just made history by breaking the record held by The Beatles for spending the most consecutive weeks on the UK's Official Albums Chart Top 10 as a debut album.

In its 63rd week atop the Official Albums chart, Sande's debut record has spend one more week there than the Beatles' “Please Please Me” did between1963 and 1964. 2012 was a huge year for this Scottish songbird, having snagged the a BRIT Critics Choice award and producing the biggest selling album of the year. And while she may not yet be as big of a household name as those of the Fab Four on this side of the pond yet, she's starting to make her mark on the American music scene with singles like “Next to Me.”

Oh yeah, that song! But if you had no clue what heavenly creature was responsible for those sweet sound waves, it's time to start studying. Like, right now, because she's about to blow up stateside literally any second. Not like we totally didn't call it last year when we compared her to Adele.

So here are five facts about Emeli Sande that you should know. Because, by default, she's now bigger than Jesus.

1. It all started with a video.

In 2008, Emeli's sister recorded a video of her singing and playing the piano as a submission for a contest held by the BBC to find emerging talent in the Urban music market. While she won the contest, the executives ultimately decided against granting her the deal because of competition. After this, her parents sent one of her singles to BBC radio, and she was asked to play a show in London's Soho neighborhood. Here, she met producer “Naughty Boy”, and soon after signed a deal with EMI Records and Virgin Records.

2. She went to Med school.

Although music spoke to her talents and passions, Sande is a smart girl and wanted to diversify her career options. Enrolling at The University of Glasgow and opting for a rigorous medicine major, she wanted something to fall back on just in case her creative aspirations didn't work out. While at school, she juggled performing with a heavy course load, and in her fourth year she shelved her studies to fully pursue her music career. In this HuffPost article, she discusses her nostalgia for her academic pursuits. “Every time I see programmes on medicine I'm tempted to go back to it because I do miss it a lot and I miss science and learning…” But would she ever go back? “No. I think I'd miss music too much.”

3. She started writing music as age 11

According to Sande's Wikipedia page, she had very early ambitions to make her way in music. She wrote her first song for her elementary school talent show at age 11, remembering that this was the first time she thought she wanted to be a songwriter. Today, she's written music for Rihanna, Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle, and Cheryl Cole.

4. Her real name is Adele.

Sande's full birth name is Adele Emile Sande. Seriously, what are the odds? And coincidentally enough, Sande's soulful stylings and full-toned voice is reminiscent of Adele‘s bluesy timbre. Seriously. Do beautiful voices even exist out of the UK anymore? Because of Adele's success, Sande opted to take her middle name as her stage moniker. A classy move, rather than a classic reaction that may have gone the way of “Bitch stole my name.”

5. She's married to a scientist

Emile Sande Adam Gouraguine Skyfall Premiere October 23 2012(Photo: Lia Toby/WENN.com)

Here is Sande pictured with her husband, Adam Gouraguine. After dating for seven years, the two tied the knot last September in his home of Montenegro. The two met in Aberdeen, and he's a marine biologist. Can you imagine the buttery-voiced musical and medical prodigies that these two people will produce when they procreate? Three words. Gene pool lottery.

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