5 Facts About The Three Stooges’ Chris Diamantopoulous

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So a new, full-length version The Three Stooges is coming out this week, and an actor named Chris Diamond Acropolis is playing Moe Howard, i.e. “the hot one.” Just kidding, his name is Chris Diamantopoulous, but it's fun to make fun of people with long names if you are immature. Who is this delightful piece of man flesh and how did he come to be in such a goofy movie? I'm so glad you asked.

1.) He is of Greek descent (surprise!) and grew up in both Toronto and Greece.

2.) He's married to actress Becki Newton (of Ugly Betty fame), who he met while riding the NYC subway (random!). He just came up to her and hit on her, and it worked, because unlike most guys who do that, he is really hot.

3.) The two are not shy about public displays of affection:

4.) He got his start on Broadway, where he used his ripped bod to score a very naked role in The Full Monty, among other fine productions.

5.) The film's producers initially wanted Benicio Del Toro to play the role of Moe, but once he dropped out, the part went to Chris.