5 Facts About The Three Musketeers Star Logan Lerman

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5 Facts About The Three Musketeers Star Logan Lerman loganlerman jpgOver the years, we’ve watched Logan Lerman grow up in Hollywood—literally. He’s played the younger versions of Ashton Kutcher and Mel Gibson in film, and he was the future President in the WB series Jack & Bobby. Now, he plays the young upstart D’Artagnan in the steampunk action movie The Three Musketeers (also starring Orlando Bloom).

Despite his many years in the biz, Logan is adorably humble; a recent tweet reads, Just spoke to an audience in Korea. I’m going to have a heart attack now. We already called it in 2010 when we put him on our Crushable 25 list, but now we’ve learned even more about this star.

1. That’s not his hair in The Three Musketeers (thank God!)—it took twelve hours to put in the hair extensions that gave Logan Fabio-like locks to match the movie’s time period. He says they were itchy and uncomfortable and would fall out in awkward places.

2. Logan lives at home, which is unusual for a 19-year-old Hollywood star, but there you go. On yesterday’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres, he admitted that it’s weird to be living in his old room again, but not awful. And yes, he does have chores—he takes out his trash.

3. Like many young Hollywood stars, he used to make silly YouTube videos with his pal (and fellow actor) Dean Collins under the username monkeynuts1069. However, most of the videos are from four years ago; it’s obvious that Logan isn’t involved in the channel anymore, but Dean still had to include a note under “interests”: LOGAN DOES NOT CHECK THIS CHANNEL.

4. Dean and Logan also formed a band called Indigo; Logan plays keyboard and guitar, Dean sings, and third member Daniel Pashman is on drums.

5. According to IMDb, he’s achieved a very rare honor: He’s one of only three actors who has played the son of another actor, then gone on to play a younger version of that same actor’s character.