5 Facts About The Newest ‘Real Housewife Of New York City,’ Cindy Barshop

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5 Facts About The Newest  Real Housewife of New York City  Cindy Barshop cindy barshop rhony 280x196 jpgThe day has finally arrived: Real Housewives of New York City season 4 premiere is tonight! This season looks very different from seasons past, but also looks extremely promising.  Every current housewife swears that this is going to be the best season yet. Popular cast member Bethenny Frankel has left and gone on to do her own show (some housewives allege that this new season is going to be the best because it won’t be narrarated solely by Bethenny, who tended to serve as the “Greek chorus”), and a new cast member, Cindy Barshop, is replacing her. are all very curious about Cindy, and can’t wait to see how she does on the show. Here’s a crash course in Cindy 101 before tonight’s premiere:

1. She’s from Long Island! And not just in the sense that she summers in the Hamptons… she’s a native of Wantagh! This does elevate her in my mind, though I am probably biased, as a fellow Long Islander.

2. She’s the founder and owner of Completely Bare salons, which waxes in the same way that the name implies. She is also the founder of “vajazzling” and “vattooing.” In other words… she’s possibly a freak in the bedroom?

3. She’s a single mother of twin baby girls. Adorable and intriguing. Where’s the baby daddy?

4. She came on the show as a friend of Ramona Singer and an acquaintance of Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Cindy claims the cast member she was most afraid to meet was Jill Zarin, but now says she is closer to Jill than any other cast members. Has she been watching Bethenny on previous seasons and taking notes?

5. She is a graduate of Farleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor of Science in marketing. Does this mean she’ll be able to market herself to the audience?

Can’t wait to see how she does with this group of dynamic (read: crazy) group of women!

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