5 Facts About Prince Harry’s Maybe-Girlfriend Florence Brudenell-Bruce

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The sixth fact is “you want to kill her,” obviously, since she's a) a lingerie and swimsuit model with a ridiculously hot body and b) possibly dating everyone's secret boyfriend Prince Harry. So who is Florence, and what do you need to know about her?

She's a sometime actress.

IMDB lists just two credits to her name – an episode of a TV show called Inspector Lewis and a Bollywood movie called Love Aaj Kal – and she also appeared in this cell phone commercial:

She also starred in Ironik‘s music video for their cover of “Tiny Dancer.”

She has an impressive lineage.

The British press would really like you to know that She Of The Really, Really British Name is a descendant of the seventh Earl of Cardigan, James Brudenell. Quick, somebody make a joke about sweaters! James Brudenell is famous for leading the Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War, an event that inspired Tennyson to write a very beautiful poem that everyone should read. (Linking to classic poems is how I assuage guilt about making fun of pregnant teenagers on the internet.)

She has dated another super hot dude.

Before meeting Harry, Florence was dating Formula 1 driver Jenson Button. Did I mention that he is hot? Because he is hot. His nickname for her was “Flee.” Jenson could call me whatever he wanted.

She's an art collector.

Art runs in the family genes. Florence's mom and brother are both artists – mom is a painter and bro Henry is a sculptor. And her father was also a collector. After getting her degree in art history (just like William and Kate omg!), Florence started collecting art. Her collection is so impressive that she even held a show displaying some of her works in London last year. I am obsessed with [art]. Whenever I finish a shoot, I come home with another piece under my arm,” she said in an interview.”

She likes cooking.

Florence reportedly loves baking cakes and says that they make her want to star in period films like the kind directed by Sam Mendes. She has said in interviews that she “can't diet” because she loves food so much.