5 Facts About Olivia Wilde’s Ex-Husband Tao Ruspoli

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When Olivia Wilde announced that she and her husband were splitting up, most people responded with “Wait, she was married?” But that now means that deliciously hot Italian prince Tao Ruspoli is back on the market. So what do you need to do to win his heart? First, bone up on your trivia.

1. He's a free spirit.

Tao and Olivia met at Burning Man and got married on a school bus. Olivia was 18 at the time. She says that she and Tao actually lived on the bus for several months. They're both so good looking they probably don't even need to shower.

2. He's  a multihyphenate.

Tao's career has covered everything from film production to cinematography to to photography to music. His most recent film, Being in the World, came out in 2009.  His most well-known project is the documentary Just Say Know, about several members of his family who have coped with drug addiction.

3. He drives a Jaguar.

Does tweeting a picture of your broken-down Jaguar count as a Humblebrag? Jury's out.

4. He's majorly smart.

Tao grew up in both Italy and California, so he speaks both Italian and English fluently. For college, he went to UC Berkeley, where he majored in philosophy. Oh, and he's apparently a top-notch flamenco guitar player too.

5. He loves social media.

Tao clearly understands how to market his creative projects. He has a website, a blog, a Twitter account, and even his own Vimeo page.