5 Facts About Olivia Munn’s New Boyfriend, Brad Richards

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She's been linked to Justin Timberlake, Matthew Morrison, and (maybe) Brett Ratner, but it looks like Olivia Munn has a brand new beau. The lucky fella is hockey player Brad Richards of the New York Rangers. The pair have been together for a few weeks and Olivia's been spotted in the stands at Brad's games. Here are five things to know about this handsome athlete, who totally still has all his teeth.[tagbox tag=”Olivia Munn”]

1. Brad was born in 1980 (making him 31), in Canada, naturally. Specifically, he's from Prince Edward Island which is near Nova Scotia.

2. Brad is currently the highest-paid player in the NHL. He recently signed a nine-year $60 million contract with the Rangers. I'm no mathematician, but that sounds like a lot of money.

3. Brad is a wine aficionado! He filmed a segment about wine tasting for NHL.com, which we're sure was taken to heart by all those hockey viewers.

4. He's quite the charitable guy. For the past six years, Brad Richards PEI Celebrity Golf Classic, which benefits a pair of children's charities. Yeah!

5. Brad's teammates have begun to refer to Olivia as their good luck charm. Since she's been on Brad's arm, the Rangers have been on a 6-0 winning streak.