5 Facts About New SNL Cast Member Kate McKinnon (Who I Kind Of Know!)

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Last night, I saw a post in my Facebook feed that was blowing up with “likes” and “ouhfsghojeq!”s. The post was about the hilarious comedienne Kate McKinnon‘s appointment as Saturday Night Live‘s newest cast member. Apparently, I have some friends in common with her, so basically, in internet terms, we are total BFFs who braid each other's hair on the regs. Here are five facts about her from someone who kind of, sort of, almost knows her.

1. Kate McKinnon went to Columbia University in the City of New York (CC '06).

So did I, which is how I kind of almost know her. While at Columbia, Kate majored in theater and participated in many different school productions, none of which I saw, because college me lived off campus and thought going to Misshapes was cooler than taking advantage of the many rich and varied cultural experiences Columbia had to offer.

2. Kate McKinnon got hired to be on LOGO's Big Gay Sketch Show while she was still in college.

This was pretty impressive, as the Big Gay Sketch Show was a great show on real television with lots of impressive people working on it, including Rosie O'Donnell and MAD TV‘s Amanda Bearse.

3. Kate McKinnon has a web series on the Upright Citizens' Brigade website called “The Forty Year Old Twenty Year Old” that is pretty effing hilarious.

You might want to check it out.

4. Kate McKinnon's real last name is Berthold.

She uses her middle name (McKinnon) as her stage name because it's “gentler.”

5. Kate McKinnon is a lesbian.

She will be the first openly gay SNL female cast member since the late Danitra Vance was cast in 1985, which is pretty crazy, considering how many gay people work in the entertainment business.

Let's hope SNL doesn't criminally squander her like they did Jenny Slate!