5 Facts About New Bond Girl Berenice Marlohe

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A new Bond girl has been cast alongside Daniel Craig in the upcoming Skyfall, and it's a French woman named Berenice Marlohe. (Side note: Skyfall leaves something to be desired as a title, no?) Her character's name is Severine, which is super cool and sexy, no? So, who is this gal? Here are five things to know about Berenice:

1. Berenice was born in 1980, which puts her on the mature end of the Bond girl spectrum (she's the same age as Eva Green, but, of course, her Bond movie's filming several years later.)

2. She's a model. Of course she's a model. Are you surprised she's a model?

3. Skyfall is Berenice's big break. In France, most of her roles have been in TV shows with names like Père et Maire, Femmes de loi and Equipe médicale d’urgence.

4. The Bond flick will be Berenice's first English-speaking role as well. Currently, she's filming a French movie called with Sophie Marceau.

5. And what's up with the character Severine? At a press conference held today, Berenice stated that she'll play “a glamorous, enigmatic character.” Which is weird, because we would have guessed that she's going to play a mousy, transparent character.