5 Facts About How To Be A Gentleman’s David Hornsby

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You've probably seen the posters for CBS' new Thursday-night sitcom How to Be a Gentleman: Johnny Drama/Kevin Dillon as the boor and a vaguely-familiar actor as the scared-looking prude. But even though he's the less recognizable of the two, David Hornsby is the ultimate hyphenate: Actor, writer, producer, comedian. Here are five facts about how David went from babysitting to working on four shows at once.

1. Believe it or not, David is currently juggling four different shows on three networks: He's starring in Gentleman, which he also co-created and is head writer for; he's written for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and has a recurring role as the ex-priest Matthew “Rickety Cricket” Mara; he's also a co-creator and voice actor on FX's series Unsupervised; and he does voice work for Fanboy and Chum Chum on Nickelodeon.

2. Geeks have plenty of reasons to love him: He and Loren Tarequino created the podcast Yoda and Me, where they rotate who plays Yoda each episode. He also appears in the TV documentary Comic-Con 2010 Live. (No, it's not the one that Morgan Spurlock and Joss Whedon put together, but it shows that he was there last summer!)

3. It took him forever to break into the business; he told the New York Times that at one point in his life, he babysat his manager's kids to pay the bills.

4. David got his big break in 2003: He got a role on Spike TV's faux-reality series The Joe Schmo Show, where a “schmo” thinks he's competing on a reality show, but we all know that the other contestants and even the host are played by actors. David played Steve “The Hutch” Hutchison, a.k.a. the Asshole; he actually “won” the competition before they revealed the hoax to Matt Kennedy Gould. One of the unknowns who successfully fooled Matt? Kristen Wiig, who landed her regular job on Saturday Night Live two years later in 2005.

5. He's a new dad: Wife Emily Deschanel (the star of Fox's Bones) gave birth just last week! The boy, Henry Hornsby, is their first child. Aww!