5 Facts About ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Jason Momoa

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5 Facts About  Game of Thrones  Star Jason Momoa wenn2992507 490x611 jpgYou might know him as the badass warlord Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, but Jason Momoa is about to blow up. His next project is a remake of Conan the Barbarian, the movie that catapulted Arnold Schwarzenegger to stardom. So who is Jason, and what do you need to know about him?

1. His partner is Lisa Bonet

Jason and actress Lisa Bonet (who used to be married to Lenny Kravitz) have been together since 2005 and have two kids together, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf.

2. He’s Hawaiian.

Jason was born in Honolulu and raised in Iowa. His father is a Native Hawaiian and his mother’s heritage is German, Irish, and Native American. His kids’ names reflect Jason’s Hawaiian ancestry – Lola’s middle name is Iolani, and Nakoa-Wolf’s full name is Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa. In his audition for Conan, Jason performed a haka, a Polynesian war chant, which helped him get the part.

3. He used to be a model.

Jason’s striking looks (he’s 6’4″) got him noticed by modeling scouts. He has walked the runway or appeared in campaigns for brands like Louis Vuitton and Takeo. In 1999, he won the “Hawaiian Model of the Year” contest.

4. Those muscles aren’t a new thing.

Jason has always been athletic – in addition to surfing, mountain biking, skateboarding, and roller hockey, he has also been doing weight training for Conan. As a teenager, he was the youngest lifeguard in the history of the Gulf Coast. His physique has helped him get roles in projects like Baywatch and North Shore, both of which were filmed in Hawaii.

5. He has a softer side.

Although he often gets cast as tough guys, Jason is a Buddhist and spends time every day meditating. In an interview with Den of Geek he said, “I like to read. I don’t have a TV. I don’t have email. I don’t have a phone. I read books, I take care of my children, I play guitar. I love Japanese haiku poetry. I love Charles Baudelaire, biographies, whatever catches my fancy.”