5 Facts About ‘From Prada To Nada’ Star Nicholas D’Agosto

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5 Facts About  From Prada To Nada  Star Nicholas D Agosto MV5BMTY0NjYwMjQ0Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTg2NjEwMg V1 SX640 SY426 490x326 jpg We were as surprised as anyone to learn that the newest rom-com to hit theaters, From Prada To Nada, was based on Jane Austen‘s Sense and Sensibility. Remember when updating Jane Austen titles was a thing? Like how Clueless was really based on Emma and Bridget Jones’ Diary was kind of (but not at all) like Pride and Prejudice because it had a character named Mr. Darcy? The difference between those earlier films and Prada being that the former were at least trying to be clever and subversively feminist in their adaptations, and neither of them starred Wilmer Valderrama as the love interest. Whoops!

But there was at least one redeeming quality of this riches-to-rags story, and that was hunky Nicholas D’Agosto as the swarthy, blue-collar Edward. You may remember Nicholas from such films as Rocket Science, Drive-Thru, and Fired Up!. More likely, you don’t. But we have high hopes for this attractive Demetri Martin lookalike, despite his lack of Sundance credentials, and on a hunch went scrounging for more info on the actor. Here’s what we found.

He’s too smart to be famous

You want to know why you haven’t seen this 30-year-old in more films? It’s not for lack of talent (he had a role in Alexander Payne‘s Election while still in high school) or for training (he graduated cum laude from the Marquette University in Milwaukee in both acting and history). But school meant turning down a role in Meet the Parents, and during the years when most young actors are in LA, auditioning for X-men roles and taking jobs as waiters to pay the rent, Nick was in the Dominican Republic, studying the link between race and poverty in the third world nation. Only after his move back to the states did the Omaha native go to Hollywood to start taking on TV roles.

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