5 Facts About 16 And Pregnant’s Felicia Cooke

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The new season of MTV's 16 And Pregnant continued last night with the introduction of Felicia Cooke, a 17 Honduran girl who got pregnant by Alex, her boyfriend of a year and a half. Felicia's considering sticking around to join the cast of Teen Mom next season. So what do we know about our girl so far?

Well, to start, she doesn't believe in abortion. Or condoms.

1. Felicia definitely doesn't believe in abortion.

That makes sense, considering she's probably part of a very Catholic family. According to her formspring:

“i dont believe in abortion at all i m the one who went out there and thought i was old enough to be having sex and this is wat happened so i believe i should take care of my responsibilities and grow up.”

2. She doesn't like to use condoms.

Felicia's mom doesn't like to leave her alone with her boyfriend. Which makes sense, considering that Felicia is now pregnant. And as she explained last night:

“We used a condom like twice ever in our relationship.”

Yup, that sounds like a pretty good recipe for teen pregnancy.

3. Felicia is her family's first high school graduate.

Felicia's mom was pretty upset about her daughter's pregnancy. Most notably because she was on track to become the first person in her entire family to finish high school. Luckily, she continued on to graduation after MTV finished filming.

4. Felicia is the second teen mom in her family. In this generation.

At one point after she got pregnant, Felicia decided to move in with her sister, who knew what she was going through at home. Why? Because she also got pregnant as a teenager.

5. Her favorite Jersey Shore castmember is Vinny.
Again, from Formspring:

“Do you watch Jersey Shore? If so, who’s your favorite? (:”
“yes i do and vinnie (:”