5 Facts About 16 And Pregnant’s Emily McKenzie Peterson

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The new season of MTV’s 16 And Pregnant is a hodgepodge of smart girls and bad stereotypes. And last night's episode featuring Alabama native Emily McKenzie Peterson was no different. Emily was a straight-A student before she got pregnant. But the stress of having a baby almost made her drop out of school last night. And surprise! Her boyfriend isn't as helpful as she thought he'd be. Also, he looks like Justin Bieber‘s long lost Southern cousin. So what do we know about our girl so far?

1. One time… at band camp… she met her husband.

According to Starcasm, “Daniel Peterson met Emily at band camp and the two started dating when she was about to turn 14.”

Emily was a majorette and baton twirler. Daniel played tenor sax. And they lived happily ever after…. Not quite.

2. Emily's pregnancy stalled – but did not end her relationship with her mother.

Emily was a straight-A student in high school, but when she got pregnant, a lot changed. For starters, her mom kicked her out of the house, and she had to change schools. Pretty soon she was missing too much school to graduate on time. And getting home schooled. However, her mother is now speaking to her:

“she has started coming around..since Liam was born. Now she's great with him and everything has gotten way better. Its crazy though. She actually accepts him now and we all get along.”

3. Unlike most 16 And Pregnant stars, Emily actually used birth control.

When Emily got pregnant, she was actually on the pill. But she didn't realize that antibiotics would affect the pill's efficacy. And she got pregnant. Now she's not taking any chances. She's on Implanon now. Here's why, according to her formspring:

“Its in your arm, not down there, so I felt more comfortable. And you don't have to worry about taking medicines to cancel the hormones like what happened to me last time..
Since the hormones go into your blood stream and aren't ingested like pills..
Also it lasts three years.”

4. She's going to college.

Emily's grades were hurt by her pregnancy, and on her episode of 16 and Pregnant, it looked like she might not graduate from high school. However, she graduated from Homeland Christian Academy in May of this year, and she's even planning to go to college.

According to Formspring:

“I'll start in Jan.”

5. She smokes weed.

Again, from formspring:

“On that starcasm article it says you tried marijuana. Is that true?


But Emily thinks her choices (and mistakes) will make her son a better person:

“Liam will know everything that I have done. And in knowing what we’ve done, hopefully he’ll do the right things. Telling him our experience will show him we’re not perfect and he doesn’t have to be either. Also he will feel comfortable being honest around us, and then be less likely to lie and get into trouble. Or make a bad/mistaken situation worse. If I would’ve been raised like that, along with many other kids, I know my life would’ve been diff. K thanks.”