5 Facts About ’16 and Pregnant’ Star Taylor Lumas

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At this point, the intro to a 16 and Pregnant episode is almost like a Mad Lib: “My name is [Name] and I'm [15, 16, or 17] and a [name of grade] in high school. I live with my mom because my dad left when I was little. She was my best friend until I met [name that is probably a variation on Tyler]. Now my dream of becoming a [job that is either nurse, vet, or professional cheerleader] is on hold becaaaaaaaaaaaaaause…. I'm pregnant!” This week's Mad Libber is Taylor, who is fifteen and lives in Cincinnati. Her boyfriend's name is Nathan, not Tyler, and they met at a rollerskating party.

1. Her mom was also a teen mom, but her mom chose adoption.

Taylor and Nathan live a couple of blocks away from each other. Luckily, she likes walking, which is good since neither she nor Nathan has a driver's license (flashback to Kianna and Zak from last week!). Taylor admits that her mom Debi was really upset when she learned about Taylor's pregnancy. In an interesting change for this show, we find out that Debi became pregnant as a 17-year-old, but that she gave that child up for adoption.

Taylor and Nathan eat cereal on the couch, and Nathan's bowl is so big that it looks like it was made for a family of four. Debi says that his bowl is a “trough,” and Taylor says “What's a trough?” Debi gives the camera a “See, I told you this pregnancy was a bad idea” face. Debi says that she knew she was too young to take care of a kid, so she did the right thing, and she thinks Taylor and Nathan should follow suit. Taylor and Nathan are apparently reading off the “We both grew up with single moms and don't want to abandon our kid and have some other weird dubious reason for not liking adoption” version of the script. Debi reads my mind and says that while Taylor and Nathan are together right now and committed to raising the baby, people change and they can't know how they're going to feel after the baby is born. Nathan says he doesn't believe in adoption or abortion and that kids need to be raised “by their blood parents.” Nathan's mom Missy agrees and says that family sticks together.

2. Taylor decided to keep her baby.

When Taylor tells Debi that she's keeping the baby, Debi is understandably pissed. Debi cries and says that she knows Taylor is going to struggle because of her age, and that the financial burden is going to mostly fall on Debi, who can't really afford it. She talks about open adoptions, but Taylor's not hearing it. Just like last week, Taylor and Nathan are both too young to get jobs. Taylor's older sister shows up, and she points out that it's really hard to take care of a kid and, of course because it's this show, Nathan and Taylor wait until a few weeks before the baby is born to figure out their plan. Nathan says he's 16 now so he is going to apply for jobs “soon.” Yeah, famous last words. During a scene at a baby store, Taylor keeps asking Nathan about money and he snaps at her that he'll be getting a job “soon,” and she points out that he could have worked all summer but didn't. Eventually, he sends out some applications.

Although “virtual school” (aka online school) is an option, Taylor thinks it's “retarded” to do school on a computer by yourself. I have some words for what I think it means to get knocked up at fifteen, but whatever. Taylor, Nathan, and their moms meet to talk about who will take care of the baby while the kids are in school. Debi works the night shift, and Missy works during the day. To the shock of no one in the world except Taylor, Nathan thinks he should keep going to regular school and Taylor should do virtual school. Taylor argues, but she sucks it up. I suspect this is the first in a long line of sacrifices that only Taylor will have to make. Do the girls on this show watch any previous episodes of the show? Because honestly. This is like watching an episode of CSI – the villain's identity is telegraphed from the beginning, and we already know that the team will make a crucial discovery that helps them nail the culprit at exactly 45 minutes into the episode.

Best line of the episode: when a friend asks Taylor if she thinks labor is going to hurt, Taylor replies, “Well, yeah, there's a kid coming out of your crotch.”

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