5 Facts About ’16 and Pregnant’ Star Jordan Ward

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The third season of 16 and Pregnant kicked off last night on MTV. We met Jordan Ward, who lives in St. Louis. Here's what you need to know about her:

1. She's a twin.

Jordan has an identical twin sister, Jessica. Though Jordan is the older twin and defines herself as “the mature one,” she ended up getting pregnant. At 16. Because that's kind of the point of the show.

2. Her parents aren't really in the picture.

Jessica and Jordan's parents got divorced when they were infants, and their mom “couldn't handle the pressure” of caring for twins. They were officially adopted by their grandparents when they were nine and have lived with them ever since. Brian also doesn't have a close family (it sounds like his dad isn't around), so he and Jordan wanted to live together and create a strong family environment for their son.

3. She and Jessica have been working as models.

At fifteen, the twins dropped out of school to pursue modeling careers. Their grandmother traveled with them and was their tutor. Once Jordan got pregnant, they quit modeling and enrolled in a GED program. I wonder if Amber Portwood and Chelsea Houska are in their class?

4. There was drama between Jessica and Jordan's boyfriend Brian.

Jessica is jealous of how Jordan spends so much of her time with boyfriend Brian Finder, and the pregnancy only exacerbated that. Jessica cried about feeling left out when Jordan decided that it was only going to be her and Brian in the delivery room. Jordan later changed her mind, and Jessica filmed the birth and held Noah after he was born.

5. Spoiler alert: Jordan and Brian got married!

Since this episode was filmed, Jordan and Brian ended up getting married. Brian joined the Air Force, so he, Jordan, and Noah moved out to California. Let Jordan tell you about it herself: