5 Facts About ’16 and Pregnant’ Star Allison (Allie) Mendoza

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Allie, unlike some of the girls on this show, is actually 16. She lives in Pasadena, Texas, but she hates it. She grew up in New Jersey but had to move to Texas with her dad because her mom couldn't afford to keep Allie. (This is what we in the business refer to as “foreshadowing.”) She has a boyfriend named Joey who is a sophomore and on the football team, but things are about to get real because – come on, you'll never guess! – she's pregnant.

Allie's dad kicked her out.

The episode opens when she's five months along and in a not-mandated-by-MTV-at-all scene she and Joey talk about how they found out she was pregnant, even though she was “on the pill or whatever.” Allie says that no one wants to ask “in the heat of the moment” if they remembered to take birth control that day because it “kills the mood.” I have to say – although all the girls on this show have (obviously) had sex, almost none of them ever talk about whether they liked it or not. During a lunch with her friends, Allie says her dad made it clear he didn't want her to keep the baby. Since she decided to keep it, she got kicked out. With her mom in another state, her only remaining option was to move in with Joey's parents. Joey's mom Yolanda does not try to hide her massive dislike of Allie, and asks if they have considered abortion or adoption. Both Allie and Joey say no, and Joey adds that he doesn't believe in it (which “it”?). Having already watched several majorly uncomfortable preview scenes from last week's special episode, I'm dreading watching the rest of this. What a major downer to close the season with. Like every other parent on this show, Yolanda asks Joey and Allie if they have a plan. Like every other couple on this show, they don't.