4 Reasons Why Kristin Turley’s Accusation That Demi Lovato Bullied Her Is Probably a Hoax

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Well, isn't this ironic. Former Disney star Demi Lovato blames bullying for the exhaustion and eating disorder that sent her to rehab, but last month someone named Kristin Turley wrote a damning blog post saying that Demi bullied her when they were in elementary and middle school. It's pretty juicy, but we're not convinced that it's real. Here's our reasoning, taking into account some weirdly dramatic details and the fact that the post has since been deleted.

She posted it to Tumblr. If you had a damaging story like this, why not bring it to the attention of TMZ, Radar, or another flashy gossip site? Instead, Kristin let is languish on Tumblr, which is of course a flourishing social media site, but doesn't put the story into everyone's hands, so to speak. No one heard about it until this past weekend, a month after she published it.

Nine's an odd age. Though I distinctly remember the girls at my school trying to forcibly separate me from my more popular best friend in fourth grade, the “bullying” was never anything personal towards me. Doesn't that kind of thing start after you hit puberty and are incredibly awkward? It seems like, with rare exceptions, animosity at nine years old isn't something that sticks with you like this.

To be fair, Kristin also mentions incidents from sixth grade, when they would have been about 12; that makes more sense. However…

It's pretty dramatic. The details do sound a bit outlandish. Demi stole Kristin's hair tie, so Kristin had to hold her hair up and was crying with humiliation? (I'm not trying to be disrespectful — it's just a bizarre anecdote.) Plus, look at the structure of the story; though she hints as to the bully's identity several times, it's not until the end that she mentions her by name, with the final line of “That's the story of how I was bullied by Demi Lovato.” Although we're all guilty of using that conceit when telling celebrity-encounter stories, you would think that for something as serious as this, she'd be a lot more straightforward.

All of the evidence has been destroyed. This is the kicker: The story didn't get to be a big deal until it didn't exist anymore. Thankfully, ONTD managed to copy the text in its entirety from a cache; here's a taste:

After she left school, things got a little better. I began to forget about her and move on. And then she became famous. Her face was everywhere. Her songs were on the radio. She showed up in my magazines. I heard people talking about how she was going on tour. Thousands of little girls looked up to her as a role model. Someone to be adored and envied.

And the worst part of all? She added insult to injury.

She gave interviews about how she was ‘bullied’ in school. About how she ‘didn’t understand’ why girls hated her. She began making videos and commercials about putting an end to bullying. The hatred and injustice of it all welled up inside of me. How could a person be so wicked? It made me sick to my stomach. It still does. And I just hate her. She doesn’t deserve it. The fans, the attention, the fame, the love, the wealth, any of it.

I know I’m supposed to love my enemies, but it’s just too much. I was hurt too much, too young. I’m just disgusted. Full of bitterness. How do I overcome this? How do I move on, so many years later? Why can I not let this go?

What I would give for the chance to confront her. To look in her eyes and tell her how much damage she did. People say ‘well you don’t know she hasn’t changed’ yeah I do. She’s been back to Grapevine a few times, and friends from school have seen her. She’s the same. Snobbish. Conceited. Self-righteous. Freaking evil. But at the same time, I don’t think I could confront her. I’m terrified of her. I’m terrified that she would look at me and laugh. Laugh because she’s better. More successful. People scream her name. Young girls covet her looks and her talent. And what do I have? Mild bi-polar disorder and acne. A mediocre wardrobe. Boring hair. Obnoxious personality. I would never be able to face her.

If we're playing along, then maybe Demi's people finally got wind of Kristin's post and threatened a lawsuit if she didn't take it down. But it's more likely that her diatribe didn't get the attention she anticipated when she posted it in early August, and she gave up on trying to jump on the Demi bullying bandwagon.