9 Signs You’re Going Through 30 Rock Withdrawal

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Liz Lemon Nerd Rage


30 Rock had its series finale over a year ago. I'll give you a minute to let that sink in. Okay, ready to move on now? Good. If you were a fan of the show, chances are you still get a little sad when you remember it's no longer on the air. Even if you think the show should have ended when it did and had a great run, it's hard to say goodbye to a show that good. It feels like nothing that funny and smart and just plain amazing will ever come along again.

There are various symptoms of severe 30 Rock withdrawal, and this post serves to help you diagnose yourself. If you exhibit one or more of the following behaviors, you might be going through 30 Rock withdrawal. Don't worry, We'll get through this.

1. Every interview with Tracy Morgan makes you cry.

Tracy Jordan 30 Rock


Tracy Morgan pretty much is Tracy Jordan, so seeing him on a talk show saying nonsensical things and just being a general weirdo can be very emotional. Just last night after he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live I cried myself to sleep.

2. You yell at all of Tina Fey's American Express commercials.

Liz Lemon what is the deal


Excuse me, Tina Fey, but what exactly are you writing on that laptop in your laundry room while sniffing dryer sheets? I'm assuming it's not a new episode of 30 Rock, so why are even writing at all, ma'am?!

3. You're irrationally angry at Amy Poehler for still being on TV.

Amy Poehler Tina Fey Golden Globes


Sometimes you can't even get through five minutes of Parks and Recreation without your head exploding with rage over Amy's betrayal. Your BFF isn't on TV anymore, Amy! Does that mean nothing to you?

4. Netflix called telling you to please stop asking when new episodes will be added.

Kenneth television 30 Rock


“There aren't any more seasons to add, miss. All seven of them are up there. There's nothing we can do. No, we're not hiding them anywhere. Of course I'm not lying. Please calm down, miss.”

5. Seeing a plain baseball cap with no words looks wrong.

Frank Rossitano 30 Rock hat


You just have an overwhelming desire to grab some block letters and glue them on to create a random weird phrase. Who would even wear a plain baseball cap? That's just insanity.

6. You defend Alec Baldwin's douchey behavior without even realizing.

Jack Donaghy hug


You hear about him getting into a fight with a paparazzo and without even thinking you're all, “I'm sure he had a very good reason.” Or you see a photo of him and his wife doing yoga and you're like, “I'm happy they're so in love.” Because he's Jack Donaghy, damn it!

7. You watch Community every week just because that used to be 30 Rock‘s time slot.

Community Jeff wrong


At 8 PM every Thursday, your hand involuntarily grabs the remote control and changes the channel to NBC. You don't even like Community, but your body just won't let you do anything else.

8. You wrote to IMDb telling them to change (2006-2013) to (2006- )

Jenna Maroney attention


Because IMDb is like totally official. And if you make it like totally official that 30 Rock is still on the air, then it will be, right? RIGHT?

9. You no longer know how to laugh.

Liz Lemon talk to some food


You've been trying to make those laugh sounds come out of your mouth ever since the show ended, but no matter how many times you watch John Travolta say “Adele Dazeem” it just doesn't happen. Is there some kind of magic spell to fix that? No, I'm being serious. Will I ever laugh again?