Why I’m OK With NBC Revealing Liz Lemon’s [Spoiler] On 30 Rock

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Liz Lemon wedding 30 Rock spoiler save the date Criss James Marsden Tina FeyThe fact that you've clicked on this link makes me think that you really want to be spoiled for 30 Rock‘s latest plot twist. But if not, I'm giving you the chance to turn around. No? OK, good.

So this morning, NBC made quite the announcement… Liz Lemon is getting married! The network sent out a “save the date” invite that's (appropriately) lemon yellow and reveals that Liz “will present herself” to boyfriend Criss (James Marsden) to be wed on Thursday, November 29th, at 8 p.m. EST.

I guess it doesn't come as a huge surprise, since Liz and Criss have been “trying” all season to conceive. Marriage is a logical step somewhere in their unconventional romance, though of course I — like Jack Donaghy — don't believe that Criss is the right guy for Liz. Because in some ways, it's like Liz already has a kid to look after. And now she's marrying that kid? Hrm.

Check out the save-the-date:

30 Rock Liz Lemon wedding Criss James Marsden Tina Fey spoiler NBC

BuzzFeed raises a good point that loyal 30 Rock fans might be really upset that NBC spoiled the wedding. Since the episode airs November 29th, you might assume that Criss proposes in tonight's episode. And yeah, NBC could've waited until tomorrow morning to release the wedding invite. But I approve of the way they did it. 30 Rock isn't the kind of show that deals in plot twists and season-ending shockers. Yes, it surprises me all the time, but with punchlines and not with big character reveals. In fact, knowing that this is coming will probably heighten the dramatic irony of tonight's episode. I'm even willing to bet that it's Liz who proposes and not Criss.

And since the episode is called “Mazal Tov, Dummies!”, I think it's a safe bet that Liz's ex Dennis (Dean Winters) will be crashing.

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