Jane Krakowski Is Saying Goodbye To 30 Rock By Going On A Makeout Bender On Live TV

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19th Annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards - ArrivalsWe all have our different ways of saying goodbye to 30 Rock, which airs its final episode tonight. Some of us will be throwing ourselves into our work so that the next time 30 Rock runs into us as a party it's like totally surprised by how great we look, and wishes it had never left us. Some of us will be shutting ourselves in our room with Pringles and Ben and Jerry's and crying ourselves to sleep. And some of us are Jane Krakowski and just inexplicably kissed two unsuspecting guys on air during a live teaser for The Today Show.

Jane KrakowskiYou know, I'm not one to judge — we're all in this together, and however you want or need to get through it is up to you — I just don't think I completely understand what it was you were getting at, Jane. She was sitting on the couch between Dr. Oz and Jason Bateman, who was on the show to plug the epically terrible-looking Identity Thief, and for no reason, just as they were going to commercial, Jane reached over and kissed Dr. Oz on the lips. Like¬†grabbed his face and kissed him. I think he puckered up just by instinct, because she gave absolutely no warning. And then once she was done terrorizing his mouth, she turned around on the couch and did the same thing to Jason.

Jane Krakowski 2To his credit, Jason was slightly more prepared, and gave Jane a…weirder target, perhaps in hopes she'd be deterred. He opened his mouth up like a lazy fish, but Jane went after it anyway, and might've actually gotten some French action too, if you know what I mean. It's hard to know. There was zero percent explanation for it afterward, either, as a Today Show correspondent asked her if she got any tongue off Jason, and Jane replied, “I think I might be pregnant! But we don't know who the father is!” And then they came back with a shot of Dr. Oz with his mouth taped up.

Dr. OzI know this is nonsensical but just…don't judge Jane too harshly, guys. She's really going through something, let's just support her as she re-finds herself. I'll just be in my room with my Slanket and the meatiest, balliest sub I can find. We all have our vices.

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