18 of the Best Celebrities You Forgot Were on 30 Rock

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Part of 30 Rock’s charm was seeing which guest stars they could grab each season. The critically adored sitcom with oddly low viewership seemed to have the most random celebrities popping up in the strangest roles. There was Michael Keaton as a janitor, Steve Buscemi as a terrible private investigator, Julianne Moore as Jack’s Boston-based love interest and Paul McCartney as himself. Just because.

It’s hard to keep up with every celebrity that has appeared on the show, and every celebrity that made it big thereafter. There have been so many celebrities come in and out of the series that it’s easy to forget most cameos on the show. Good thing referencing 30 Rock is one of my top three hobbies. (Shut up. I know I need better hobbies.) I’ve done the work for you.