6 Reasons No Recent Comedy Has Come Close To 30 Rock

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30 Rock Liz Lemon are you thinking what i'm thinking

That 30 Rock should come back? Yes, I am.


I've been missing 30 Rock a lot lately. I've actually been missing it since the day it officially ended back in early 2013, but I've been pining for it hardcore these past few months. That's because I realized there are no new TV comedies to get excited about. In fact, they're already dropping like flies. Bad Judge, Selfie, A to Z and Manhattan Love Story have already gotten the boot. And what's left — Marry Me, Black-ish, Mulaney, etc. — is extremely disappointing.

Not a single new series has come close to matching 30 Rock‘s awesomeness in the time since it went off the air. To add insult to injury, awesome shows that were just getting started when 30 Rock departed our TV screens, like Happy Endings and Don't Trust the B–, soon got axed. Sure, there are still old standbys like Modern Family and Parks and Rec, but they're getting stale, and they could never really compare to 30 Rock in the first place.

Maybe if we can pinpoint exactly what it was that made 30 Rock so wonderful, television will take note and start to step up its game. So I present to you below the biggest reasons no new show can touch 30 Rock‘s awesomeness.

1. The cast was perfect.

30 Rock Jack Donaghy bored


It's not very often that a show comes along with such a hilarious cast all around. Usually there are one or two stand-outs, and you could do without the rest. There's probably at least one character whose storylines you'd rather not see. But not with 30 Rock. They were all great, even down to the most minor characters like Cerie and Lutz.

2. It didn't copy any other shows.

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30 Rock was unprecedented. It had specific elements that were reminiscent of shows that came before it, but I never thought it was ripping anything else off. Nowadays, however, I take one look at the line-up and go, “Trying to be the next Friends. Trying to be the next Modern Family. Trying to be a new take on the romantic comedy genre.” 30 Rock was just 30 Rock. And it was amazing.

3. The writing was clever.

30 Rock Jack Donaghy farmer


It was joke after joke after joke on this show. There were so many jokes that I'd rewatch episodes the next day and catch things I totally missed or didn't understand the first time around. And yet it felt natural, because the jokes were consistently hilarious and the actors delivered them so convincingly. The writing was never predictable, and just when you thought a joke had ended, they'd add something onto it to throw you off.

4. It had the best guest stars.

30 Rock Will Arnett enemies(via)

And I'm not just talking about stunt casting Kim Kardashian for ratings — even though she was on one of their live shows. I'm talking about getting really talented, funny people to bring iconic characters to life and actually look like they enjoy being there. How often does that happen these days?

5. Liz Lemon was an awesome female protagonist.

30 Rock Liz Lemon i can have it all


Liz Lemon will forever be my favorite TV character of all time. In addition to being hilarious, she was also well-rounded and interesting. She was the most competent person on a writing staff full of childish idiots, but she also wasn't a boring stick in the mud, and she was far from perfect. She had plenty of flaws, but she was also likable. Her love life was part of the plot, but it wasn't the focus. The show never pigeonholed her, and there's been no other character quite like her, before or since. She's my heroine.

6. Tina Fey created it.

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Let's face it. If you don't have Tina Fey behind your show, you're already at a disadvantage. She's the best. Thank goodness she has a few new projects coming up. Until then, I'll just be rewatching 30 Rock episodes on Netflix and crying.