3 Things That Are Actually Good About ‘The Bachelorette’ This Season

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In most of my recaps of The Bachelorette this season, I've complained about the interminable Bentley subplot and the fact that the producers want to make Ashley Hebert look as sad and needy as possible. But there are a couple of great things about the show this year, such as:

Serious man candy.

Some seasons, everyone is so bland you have no idea how the Bachelor/ette will choose a winner. This year, I like Ames, JP, Beneff (Ben F.), and Constantine, and I enjoy hating Ryan. Ashley has some really attractive and nice guys to choose from, the lucky bitch. I'd be happy to see any of them but Ryan end up as the next Bachelor, and I also think Ben and Constantine would be hilarious on a spinoff show considering how funny they were in the dragon boat racing segment.

No hot tubs.

Have we actually made it this far on a Bachelor/ette season without a single hot tub sighting?! I mean, we've still had dragon boats and muy thai, but no Jacuzzis. I'll take almost anything as a sign of progress at this point.

The guys got pissed about the Bentley thing.

Normally, it seems like everyone on this show is about keeping the Bachelor/ette happy and sucking up so they don't get kicked off. So even though Ashley genuinely felt bad about the whole Bentley thing and tried (albeit badly) to explain the situation to the rest of the guys, they were honest about their feelings and told her so. While it resulted in one of them leaving the show (bye, Mickey!), it was nice to hear some more honest and realistic conversations about the conventions of this show. Ames, whom I am liking more on every episode, pointed out that people want “fairy tales” to be simple. They are; but actual adult relationships aren't. And the pushback to Ashley's Bentley speech showed that.

Now, there are plenty of things that suck about this season – Ashley's eye makeup, that guy with the mask, Ryan still being on the show, and overuse of the word “amazing” among them. But I'll wait for the finale to decide where this ranks on the list of best and worst Bachelor/ette seasons.