Video: The 3 Golden Sisters Say Everything We Wish We Could About Celeb Moms Jessica Simpson And Alicia Silverstone

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We've come to accept that no matter how hard we try, we'll never hit the same mix of sassy and street-smart as the 3 Golden Sisters, the sweet Sicilian grandmas-turned-viral stars. Rather than recoil at videos of celebrities, like Kim Kardashian‘s sex tape, they have great witty responses planned, and end up coming out of these encounters the winners. So it's no surprise that they came to Anderson Cooper‘s talk show with a new video planned, one where they mock celebrity moms: Alicia Silverstone‘s “baby bird” method of feeding her son Bear, and Jessica Simpson‘s choice of gender-neutral name for her newborn daughter. The video above is a preview of their new video, but here's our favorite zinger:

Mary: You know what she named the baby girl. Maxwell.
Teresa: How stupid is that.
Josie: Oh my God. They are going to call her “Maxipad” in high school.

Amazing, right? We've been mocking Jessica Simpson for months (though it felt like years), and we never came up with anything as simple and hilarious as that. The ladies will be on Anderson on Monday, May 14th… you know we're tuning in.