MTV Signs Off On Reunion For Fake Boy Band 2gether

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2gether at the MTV Movie Awards in 2000

Slowly but surely, fake boy band 2gether is moving toward a very real reunion! TMZ announced today that MTV has given its blessing to what was originally intended to be a parody of '90s boy bands like *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys.

The successful joke was cut short in 2001 when one of the band's members, Michael Cuccione, died of complications related to his Hodgkin's lymphoma. It makes sense, then, that the project is classified as “not high priority” for MTV; however, the network was more than happy to let 2gether's remaining members plan a reunion on their own, package it, and then present it to MTV to see if it could get picked up.

That means that 2gether will need to really rely on its fans now, since they'll be footing the bill for writing, shootin, and editing another made-for-TV movie about the band's adventures in the past decade. Alex Solowitz (a.k.a. Mickey Parke) seems to be the ringleader of this: It was a post on his Facebook that first got the ball rolling, and yesterday he wrote, We're back!!! We're going to need help from everyone when we move it's going to take a huge group effort 🙂 love everyone for the support!

More encouraging news comes from a local news article on bandmate Noah Bastion, who says that he's been in contact with the other members in the past few weeks. Noah hints that they've come up with a few ideas, but nothing's set in stone yet. For the most part, he's just excited by the fans' enthusiasm: “I swear this has to be the first time fans have taken something that was so dead and brought it back to life.”