If 2gether Really Gets Back Together, I’ll Agree To Finally Learn My Calculus

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2gether, the MTV parody boy band that brought us genius lyrics like “say it, don't spray it,” is getting closer and closer to actually reuniting on TV. The faux-group that kinda turned into a real group premiered their movie all the back in 2000. Remember 2000? The year everyone thought computers would explode with excitement overY2K? It was a very long time ago.

The four remaining members of the band — Alex Solowitz, Kevin Farley, Evan Farmer, Noah Bastian — run a Facebook fan page called 2gether The Reunion. And this weekend they posted the following:

EXCITING NEWS!!! It seems that there's a solid date in place for a 2gether reunion! The guys will be at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City in Universal Studios in LA, on the 4th of May 2012 at 8pm! There'll be interviews with the guys and they'll also perform some songs. If you can't make the show, it will apparently be streamed online via Farley Bros Radio. Spread the word! 🙂

While live streaming isn't the same thing as being back on TV, it's definitely closer than we've been in years to seeing the band reunited. However all hope isn't lost when it comes to seeing the boys back together on your actual TV screen. Huffington Post says:

TMZ reported in January that the remaining members of 2gether struck a deal with MTV to organize and film their own comeback show to air on the network. According to the report, once they submit it to the network, MTV will decide whether or not they want to actually put it on air and proceeds from the show would go to the Michael Cuccione Foundation for Cancer Research.

This reunion seems more and more likely now that boy bands are back in again.  One Direction, beloved by tweeny-boppers born after Y2K, played on Saturday Night Live this weekend and their main competition The Wanted is getting almost as much attention. If someone throws together 5 British singers and gives them nonsensical names like Baby Spice, we could relive the music of the late '90s.

Especially if we follow the recipe for success from 2gether's very own Bob Buss:

 There are five basic types in every successful boyband: your rebel, your badboy:one. Your shy bashful type: two. Your reassuring older brother type: three. Your little guy, your dewey-eyed youngster: four, and five: your hearthrob, the one that holds it all together. He's the one with his eyes staring at you from the poster saying, “hold me, take care of me”.

I mean S Club 7 is reuniting,  so really anything can happen now. We just have to be patient and wait and listen to the classic sounds of 2gether until we hear official news that the reunion's happening on MTV.