Meet The Up-And-Coming 25 Most Crushable Guys Under 25 Runners Up

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25 Most Crushable Guys Under 25 runners up up and coming

Our 25 Crushable Guys Under 25 list is a two-pronged process: Just as we're identifying the actors, musicians, and internet celebs whose careers are blowing up right now, we also have our eye on the guys who are one role/song/viral video away from similar fame.

Many of their names you've heard of in the past few months from viral movies (like Thomas Mann in Project X) or the Super Bowl (New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski). Others, like Dev Patel and Aaron Johnson, are familiar but still looking for that career burst to propel them to the top of our list.

So check out our gallery and let us know if there's anyone you think we've missed! See you this time next year to see how well our predictions pan out.